Let it Burn!

As I have mentioned before I have had a very long road with multiple mental struggles and it never is an easy way out. I want to make something that makes the process a bit easier. As I know, none of it is easy but I do know that writing is a very important way to take your mind off things and get the negative feelings out and on paper! It is also another great feeling to have the negativity on paper and then have the ability to let it burn as you try and part with the negatives. That is why I really value the saying write and let it burn as you let it go! The Burn Book is a product that I feel could make the change in the mental health world because it is versatile for all ages and genders! Lets start a trend of writing and letting it burn!


Published by Kayla Bunnell

Hi all! I'm a born and raised resident of Manchester Connecticut! I am an avid believer of things happening for a reason in life. Everything comes and goes as a lesson.

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