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Hello and Welcome Back to Another Day in Paradise! I cannot wait to continue to talk all about the mental health journey and the ins and outs I have found helpful throught all of it! One of the biggest lessons I have learned was find an alternative way to get emotions out that is not always talking, talking is difficult and I know that for sure! I dance and write to get my feelings out and it seems to have been helping a lot! From young childhood until present time Anxiety, Depression, PTSD all have been a huge portion of my life and have taken many great times away! However I want my you all to know that I am open to talk of any of you need!

Im going to share one of my poetic writings here as well!

Who are you?

For as long as I can remember you have been there.

You have been there

And I have never thought it was fair.

I have gone through thinking I was crazy or losing my mind

Through the journey, you have never left me behind.

Once I figured you out

I no longer wanted to shout.

Because now it all made sense

But god you are so dense.

I am relieved to know who you are

Because now it is not so bazaar.

Some days are better than the rest

But you really are a pest.

No matter how many good days I see

I will never be carefree.

You have riddled me with pain

The pain I cannot explain.

It tears you to shreds internally

But you have to hide it externally.

Inside you are suffocating, strangling, and bringing me down

Due to this, you leave my family let down and me in a meltdown.

One day I’m on a roll

And the next is like I’ve hit a pole.

That is what pisses me off about you

Because I know all I can live up to.

With you, I have no power to control the hell you put me through

So here is what I have come to.

I am stuck with you.

All I can hope is that you make an effort to give me more good days

Because we will be together always.

You are something

 I wish you were nothing.


You are an obsession

I call you depression.

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