My Favorite Restaurant

As a person, I feel I am very meticulous when it comes down to food. Some may call my taste high class but I do not like that connotation of “high class” it is not socially correct in any way! Yes, I do eat at more expensive restaurants but I do not do it for the status of saying I ate there I do it for the quality of food I receive! I do not like wondering what my food is being made in or where it is coming from. I like to know exactly where and how my food is being made and this restaurant I will tell you about makes me feel very comfortable and makes the difference in the restaurant game!
JGilberts of Glastonbury, Connecticut is by far my favorite restaurant! No matter the request, comment or the random concern that you have, they take it and make you feel very comforted that they will make the right choices. Their menu has all of the locations they receive their food from, such as they receive their fish from Foley Fish. It makes me more comfortable to know that my food is coming from a local area where it was cared for before becoming my dinner. OOPS! The atmosphere is great it’s a dimly lit restaurant with a fire burning in the fireplace with classy music playing and the staff are all very polite. My sister and brother worked there as well, therefore, I know the management treats their employees very well! My absolute favorite dish is The Blackened Chicken Penne. The Blackened Chicken Penne has roasted red pepper cream, smoked gouda, snow peas, leeks, cilantro, and red pepper pesto! I absolutely love going here and knowing I am going to have a wonderful dinner! Plus they are very good at dietary accommodations such as food allergies!

Published by Kayla Bunnell

Hi all! I'm a born and raised resident of Manchester Connecticut! I am an avid believer of things happening for a reason in life. Everything comes and goes as a lesson.

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